Troy Haydon works Tanner Wayne’s sloppy butt

Brit Troy Haydon can’t seem to keep his hands off other guy’s asses when he’s in the locker room. In All Stars, he couldn’t help paying compliments to teammate Chris Tyler’s bubble butt. In Foul Play he’s at it again. No sooner has Tanner Wayne stepped into the room than Haydon casually inquires, “you been working out your arse?”

Troy Haydon fists Tanner Wayne

Moments later he’s slapping it till the cheeks turn red before getting Tanner down on all fours on the bench to bury his tongue between his buttocks and spit on the hole.

Once he’s got a black latex glove on his hand, he’s in there like a shot, sliding his lubed-up fist straight into the hole without hesitating. Wayne rides his fist with consummate expertise, barely flinching when Troy starts punching in and out and twisting his hand about.

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Troy Haydon and Tanner Wayne in Foul Play

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