Dato Foland fucks Darius Ferdynand

I’d never have thought of mixing sling-sex with a swanky office location – but why not? Men at Play deserve kudos for taking two of their sexiest models – the every-so-slighty Neanderthal-looking Dato Foland (in a good way, I mean) and horny young pup Darius Ferdynand – and giving them carte blanche to fuck like animals.

Image of Dato Foland fucking Darius Ferdynand

It all starts with an unlikely mix-up. Dato Foland’s beautiful new sling (complete with frame) gets delivered to his office instead of his apartment. It’s lucky delivery boy Darius knows how to put it all together – even if he’s left scratching his head over exactly what it’s for.

But Dato’s more than ready to take him in hand and show him the ropes. It’s for massage, of course, he explains, before working his thick cock in and out of the grateful lad’s hole, giving him the best prostate massage he’s ever had.

Images of Dato Foland and Darius Ferdynand in Boytoy

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