Dungeon fist freak squirts lube from his gaping hole

Jessie Balboa showed off his talented hole in a previous instalment from Club Inferno’s Fist Freaks series – and now this insatiable ass pig is back for more.

Nick Moretti fucks Jessie Balboa with a dildo

There are times when nasty top Nick Moretti looks like he’s in danger of pushing too hard, but Balboa is so greedy to have more and bigger objects shoved into his pig hole that he just keeps begging for more. With his lean body, furry chest and dark Italian looks, Moretti looks awesome in just a red jock. He starts off by getting Balboa bent over and tonguing his ass before he chooses the biggest rubber dildo that comes to hand and smothers it with lube. Huge as it is, it still gets sucked up by Jessie’s cavernous hole, prompting groans of pleasure from the ever-hungry bottom.

Once they’ve finished with ass toys, Balboa gets onto his back and puts his legs in the air to give Moretti clear access to his sloppy butt. Nick takes full advantage and eases his tattooed arm all the way inside, fisting him almost up to the elbow. The hottest part of the whole thing comes when Moretti takes a turkey baster and fills it up with white slimy lube, injecting a generous dose of gloop into Jessie’s by now wide-open hole. Once he’s completely full, Balboa pushes down and we get to watch the slippery goo oozing out of his pouting butt.

Nick Moretti fucks Jessie Balboa with a dildo

Watch Jessie getting basted

Nick Moretti fists Jessie Balboa's ass and gives him a lube enema

Watch Nick Moretti fisting Jessie’s ass

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