Jesse Santana flogged, fucked and pissed over

These days, Jesse Santana couldn’t be more different from the clean-cut boy-next-door image he carved out in movies for Falcon and Jet Set a few years ago. In this scene from Tony Buff’s Back Alley, he shows us he’s just as capable of being a sleazy piss pig and a glutton for pain.

Jesse Santana and Leo Forte in Back Alley

The scene begins with Jesse in a pair of leather chaps and with a pair of nipple clamps attached to his tits, kneeling down in front of mean skinhead Leo Forte and unbuttoning Forte’s jeans with his teeth. Leo yanks on the chain attached to Jesse’s nipple clamps from time to time, eliciting gasps of pain as Santana deep throats his cock.

Next Forte takes a piss straight into Jesse’s mouth. Jesse wastes none of it, gratefully gulping down one mouthful after another.

But before long he’s bound face down to a St Andrew’s cross, while Leo takes a mean-looking flogger to his back. Forte is a merciless top and he carries on beating Jesse long after his flesh has turned red and raw and he’s yelling out in pain. In fact, the beating just gets harder and he eventually switches to a long leather horsewhip, raising long red welts on Santana’s ravaged skin.

When Forte finally releases Santana, he gets him onto his back on a suspended platform, with his ankles bound apart to expose his ass. When he’s finished eating out Jesse’s hole, Leo takes a piss all over his naked, muscular body before plunging his dick into him and fucking him while he licks his captive’s feet.

Watch Jesse being treated like a piece of meat

Leo Forte and Jesse Santana in Back Alley

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