Marcello Reeves fists Christopher Scott

This scene from Falcon’s 1998 Red Alert gets another airing thanks to Fetish Force. These days, Falcon’s a little more squeaky-clean – but back in the 90s, it still offered a sizzling line in sleazy leather and fetish movies.

Marcello Reeves plays with Christopher Scott's ass

Christopher Scott always looked great when he was getting fisted. Here he’s paired up with muscled leather top Marcello Reeves. Armed with a bunch of toys, rubber gloves and plenty of lube, Marcello’s ready to gives Christopher’s hole a proper pummelling.

“Good boy,” encourages Reeves as he turns Scott over on a crash matt and stuffs his gloved hand into his ass. The youngster is reduced to moaning helplessly as his butt hole gets stretched wide open – until they transfer to the sling where their intense fisting session continues.

Marcello Reeves fisting Christopher Scott

Watch the scorching preview at Fetish Force

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