Cute Seb wrecks his hole

It’s my pet theory that inside every sweet, smiling, innocent-looking boy there’s a filthy, depraved, no-holds-barred butt whore just waiting to get out. Case in point: Sebastian Keys is looking all sweetness and light with his cute preppy looks, his slender toned build and his hairless torso – but put a wicked-looking pump-up butt plug in his hand and he knows exactly where he’s going with it.

Sebastian Keys fucks himself with a dildo

Don’t judge this book by its cover. Young Sebastian may look like a nice boy but inside he’s just dirty and lewd. With an inflatable plug stuffed deep in his hole, he starts pumping it up as big as it’ll go. Once it’s blown up like a big balloon, he squeezes it out, enjoying the sensation as it stretches his sphincter.

Next up is a huge flexible ridged dong that gets greased up with lube and stuffed right inside his greedy crack. Seb can’t resist pumping the huge slab of black rubber in and out of his pouting ass until he’s loosened up completely and his slack hole is left gaping wide open and leaking gunge.

Watch Sebastian stretch himself with toys

Sebastian Keys puts on a solo show in Hole Busters volume 3

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