James Ryder gets an army drilling

Private James Ryder needs training up. Drill Sergeant Josh West demands the best from his new recruits – and Ryder’s tight hole needs work.

Josh West and James Ryder in Hole Busters 6

“I won’t hurt ya too bad today,” sneers Sergeant West. He’s already put Ryder through a gruelling exercise routine that leaves the young Private physically exhausted. But there’s more to come: West wants to see that hole stretched wide open, so he carefully selects a huge flesh-coloured latex truncheon, greases it up and works it in and out of the youngster’s ass. Cue plenty of mouthwatering shots of gloopy, messy lube getting squeezed out of Ryder’s butt as Josh forces the massive dildo deep inside his hole.

West’s determined to get the best out of young James’s ass – and when he gets him on his back, he chooses a set of big rubber balls on a string to squeeze in there, sliding them in and out while Ryder frantically jerks his cock.

If you’re a fan of the Hole Busters series, I’d rate this one of their hottest scenes. Josh West makes a great top. James Ryder’s a new face to me: one very cute bottom, so let’s hope we’re going to see a lot more of this stud.

Watch James get his hole stretched

Josh West tops James Ryder

More butt play from Club Inferno

James Ryder gets his hole stretched

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