Christian Herzog fisted again

I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching this handsome stud getting his butt stuffed with another man’s hand. He’s become a semi-regular feature in the German Cazzo movies. And every time I watch him I’m impressed at how much Christian Herzog can take. In this scene, he’s giving as well as taking. Beefed up somewhat since his last appearance, his meaty forearm offers a satisfying stretching to another hungry hole: that belonging to bearded cub Dolan Wolf.

Picture of Christian Herzog getting fisted

Dolan Wolf bends over and sticks his ass out so Christian can work on it with a fat, ridged, black dildo. Getting it generously slicked up with lube, he works the toy in and out of Dolan’s butt, filling up his ample hole. The best bit of the scene comes when the two lie back, ass to ass, and grasp each other’s hands as they share a huge double-ended dildo, fucking themselves and each other at the same time.

Herzog gives Wolf a deep, sloppy fisting, plunging his thick forearm inside the stud’s hole while he sucks his cock, then letting him sit up and ride it while he jerks off. Needless to say, Christian gets his turn too, taking Dolan’s arm almost to the elbow.

Pictures of Dolan Wolf and Christian Herzog

Watch Christian Herzog and Dolan Wolf’s epic ass play session

Pictures of Dolan Wolf and Christian Herzog fisting each other

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