Hot Rods: Young & Hung 2

My first exposure to gay porn was in my teens, when I spent some time studying abroad. Back home in the UK, hardcore porn was still illegal, but here you could walk up to any newsstand on any street and there it was – tonnes of it.

Kevin Williams in Hot Rods: Young & Hung 2

One of the first magazines to catch my eye was a grubby little A5 booklet bearing a cheesy studio shot of a muscled guy buckled up in a harness. Straight away there was something about that picture that made an instant connection. And inside was a photo-story that was to become my favourite jerk-off material for years to come. Taken from a US-produced video, it had a cute Californian blond being gangbanged by a group of leathermen on an enormous rotating table.

The pictures were uncredited and it was years before I found out where they came from. In fact, it turned out it was a notorious scene, almost completely cut from the movie’s original release and only reinstated when C1R released its restored version in 2004. And when I finally got to watch it from beginning to end, William Higgins’ Hot Rods was just exactly what I’d always wanted it to be.

Kevin Williams gets stripped and gang-fucked

Kevin Williams gets gang banged in Hot Rods: Young & Hung 2

Butter wouldn’t melt: sweet-looking Kevin Williams finds himself at the mercy of a gang of leather-loving car mechanics

Paintball bromance

Higgins’ 1986 pre-condom classic opens with a hot threesome between Jeff Quinn, Mike Henson and stunning bodybuilder Rocky Armano. In the opening credits, the trio first appear to be marines on a military exercise before we find out they’re actually three paintballing buddies on a testosterone-charged jaunt in the woods. By today’s standards, it’s a slow build-up (for me, that’s a good thing), but when the men get back to camp and the combat camos come off, the ensuing three-way fuck doesn’t disappoint.

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Other highlights are the fetishistic ‘show’ put on by Alan Fox at his bedroom window and a scene about voyeurism by surveillance camera in a service station washroom. Each segment is a total shift in location, theme and tone. In fact, there’s little to connect the scenes aside from the odd phone conversation, paying lip service to the notion of linkage.

The fact that, in some ways, it’s a jumbled piece of work just adds to its charm. It almost feels as though each scene belongs to a different movie, right down to the bizarre addition of a (non-sexual) stalk n’ slash finale, only included in the censored 80s release and apparently drafted in from Sailor in the Wind 2.

Leather orgy scene from Hot Rods: Young & Hung 2

Fully serviced

He’s stripped and forced to lick the ringleader’s boot before being held down, spread-eagled on the wheel and rotated, so his ass is offered to each leather master in turn.

But the highlight is Williams’ infamous orgy, instigated when he drives his shiny red sports car into a local garage to have it serviced. Falling asleep at the wheel while a troupe of hunky engineers gets to work on his auto, Williams dreams of being dominated in a huge leather cluster fuck, casting the gang of wrench monkeys as his abusers.

The action begins when he’s lifted out of the car and carried over to a padded cross on a pivoted wheel. He’s stripped and forced to lick the ringleader’s boot before being held down, spread-eagled on the wheel and rotated, so his ass is offered to each leather master in turn.

Two masked studs finger-fuck his hole and massage his greased cock. One of them forces a fat rubber dildo into his mouth, making him suck it before a row of wooden beads gets fed into his butt hole and pulled out one at a time. A Latin-looking stud rams the dildo into his ass, jerking his cock and spilling a generous load of spunk while he works on the boy’s butt.

Next they hold Kevin over the dildo, making him impale himself on the flesh-coloured latex slab. Williams rides it with gusto as the men cheer him on.

The Latin top is first fuck him, pounding his hole while the others watch. One of them takes the dildo that’s been inside Kevin’s ass and feeds it into his mouth so he can taste his own butt juice.

The other men jerk off and spill their loads while the Latin top fucks him, finally pulling out and jacking off over his ass. It’s only now that Williams finally gets to jerk off and shoot his load – but even then, his captors still aren’t finished with him. He’s turned onto his back and fucked again while he has a fat cock stuffed into his mouth.

At one point he has two dicks in his ass at the same time – a scorching DP sequence that still ranks as one of the best double-fuck scenes of all time.

William Higgins' Hot Rods: Young & Hung 2

It’s the ultimate fantasy of lost innocence – and a career-best for Kevin Williams as its sweet-looking boy-next-door turned butt-slut.

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