Leather handballing foursome

I can’t tell whether that’s sweat or oil that’s making Addison Scott and Christopher Scott’s bodies so slick in this fisting orgy from Sting – The Other Side of Leather. Either way, it just makes this scene even raunchier. These two definitely look like they’re having fun – Addison has Christopher almost crying as he feeds the boy’s butt with his fists and then a great big fat dildo.

Picture of Addison Scott fisting Christopher Scott in a sling

Christopher Scott and Thom Barron are side by side in a pair of slings, getting their asses worked over by leather tops Addison Scott and Jeff Palmer. Lean, muscled skinhead Addison has Christopher moaning with pleasure as he buries his fist deep into his hole, then fucks him with a 13″ flesh-coloured dildo.

Thom, meanwhile, gets his butt stuffed first with Palmer’s fists, then with a selection of dildos and butt plugs before Jeff rams his cock into him and fucks him hard, pulling out and blowing his load over the stud’s smooth ass.

Pictures of Addison Scott, Christopher Scott, Jeff Palmer and Thom Barron in Sting – A Taste for Leather

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