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The handball hall of fame: 10 classic fisting scenes

Fisting. It’s one of our more controversial pastimes. Some are addicted to it, others can’t stand the sight of it. Over the past half a century, it’s carved its own niche in gay identity, spawning a subculture all of its own – one with its own social networks and its own rules. For many of its devotees, it’s an almost spiritual experience, while others love it for the pure, down n’ dirty, bad-boy sleaziness of it.

A guy's butt gets fisted in Erotic Hands

Open wide: a scene from early classic Erotic Hands

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Leather handballing foursome

I can’t tell whether that’s sweat or oil that’s making Addison Scott and Christopher Scott’s bodies so slick in this fisting orgy from Sting – The Other Side of Leather. Either way, it just makes this scene even raunchier. These two definitely look like they’re having fun – Addison has Christopher almost crying as he feeds the boy’s butt with his fists and then a great big fat dildo.

Picture of Addison Scott fisting Christopher Scott in a sling

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