Johnny Hazzard jerks off in a suit

It’s hard to imagine being bored if you’re Johnny Hazzard. But let’s just suppose you get home from work one day, there’s nobody around to fuck and there’s nothing worth watching on TV.

Johnny Hazard poses for Men at Play

So Johnny unzips his suit pants, gets out his dick and begins to play. He starts off by slowly stroking his cock until it’s rigid, opening his shirt to expose his chest so he can run his hand over his muscled torso. Next he jerks his dick into the folds of his silk tie, wrapping the fabric around his rock-hard shaft and rubbing it up and down.

When he’s ready to move things up a notch he takes a solid black dildo and eases it into his butt hole. Bent over the couch he pushes it in and out, massaging his prostate. Finally he flips over onto his back, spreads his legs wide and continues to fuck himself with the latex plug while he works himself up to a well-earned climax.

Johnny Hazard in Zone Out

Watch Johnny fuck himself

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