Hot jocks in sports gear fetish fuck

Lean, hardbodied Johnny Ryder and Charlie Harding are making out to order. The two smooth jocks are appearing in a sports kit fetish shoot – and they’re doing exactly what their hot, sexy photographer tells them to.

Johnny Ryder licks Charlie Hunter's ass

Charlie sucks on Johnny Ryder’s cock, working his mouth around the veiny shaft and sucking greedily on his shaved balls and swollen head. The tattooed stud certainly looks like he’s enjoying himself as he masturbates his buddy with his hungry mouth. Next it’s Johnny’s turn to suck dick as their director tells them to switch positions. Ryder works his mouth expertly around Charlie’s meat, even taking it right into his throat. For his part, Harding thrusts in and out of Johnny’s face as he grins at the photographer.

When Charlie gets down onto his back, Johnny’s only too eager to squat over his face so he can push his tongue into the tight hole and eat that perfectly shaped ass. That’s just a warm-up though: a moment later, Harding’s right in there with his rigid dick, fucking Johnny’s ass like there’s no tomorrow and pushing him to the point he’s ready to explode.

Watch Charlie fuck Johnny in sports gear

Johnny Ryder and Charlie Hunter play in sports kit

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