Rogan Richards lays into Scott Hunter

Demanding top Rogan Richards takes no prisoners. He’s got his own mini-series on Men at Play which involves him roughing up a series of lucky subs. We’ve already seen him giving Landon Conrad and Paul Wagner the full treatment – and this week it’s Scott Hunter’s turn.

Image of Scott Hunter getting a facial in Ruffdup'n'Wet

Smart city boy Scott catches Rogan’s eye in the locker room after he’s been for his morning swim. With his tight trunks showing off his bulging packet to best effect, Rogan wastes no time on subtlety, stroking his nipples and licking his lips at the sight of the suited stud. Avid cock-taker Scott is in there like a shot, dropping to his knees to worship Richards’ fat, veiny tool with his mouth and rimming his hairy butt. Pulling off his suit pants, Hunter leans on the locker room bench and lets Rogan stuff his hard dick deep into his hole. Gradually, the clothes all come off as Richards takes Scott from behind, pounding his ass on the locker room. They round off the scene with a messy facial, with Rogan spilling his juice over Hunter’s face, the grateful bottom opening his mouth wide to catch a few globules of cum before shooting his own spunk over his hairy stomach.

Images of Rogan Richards and Scott Hunter in Ruffdup'n'Wet

Watch Rogan Richards and Scott Hunter in Ruffdup’n’Wet

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