Muscled cowboy Sam Dekker

Colt’s archives are a goldmine of hot, rugged masculinity. I’m a sucker for 70s and 80s porn studs – I think the combination of muscle and moustache is what does it for me. And Sam Dekker is just the latest in a long line of hunks to emerge from the Colt vault.

Image of Colt Man Sam Dekker in cowboy gear

This stunning set of images gives well overdue exposure to this little-known star of 80s porn. Even if the connection with gear fetishism is a bit tennuous – vintage cowboy chaps – Dekker is so spectacular, I can’t resist sharing these. With his shaggy dark hair and full beard, he’s a dead ringer for B movie hunk Steve Reeves. Plus he’s got a perfectly sculpted torso and a rock-hard muscled butt.

Images of Colt Man Sam Dekker

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