Young jock spit-roasted in sports kit

I guess it’s all about respect. Marko LeBeau has found himself on the wrong side of Varsity squad members Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd. And that means he’s going to have to do exactly as they tell him to – even if it means taking one huge cock in his mouth and another in his ass.

Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd spit roast Marko LeBeau

Marko LeBeau is in the wrong locker room – this is the Varsity locker room and he’s not a member. That might not sound like such a big deal, but to Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd, he’s crossed a line. And that means he needs to be taught a lesson. So they’re just going have to take one end each and fuck him until he learns not to do it again.

I’ve got a big sports kit fetish, so I love watching jocks fuck each other in their gear. The whole Varsity/hazing thing is a particular turn-on for me, though, so watching LeBeau getting used in both ends by way of punishment is definitely something I can get off on. But as the two studs start pumping the young pup’s hole and stuffing his mouth with juicy cock, they begin to realize he’s enjoying this just as much as they are.

Watch the three jocks fuck in sports gear

Marko LeBeau gets fucked in both ends

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