Alexander Gustavo eaten out and fucked stupid

Alexander Gustavo ably demonstrated his oral talents when he gave Connor Maguire that sloppy blow job in Get Your Ass in Gear!. This week he’s at it again, slurping all over 6’4 Angelo’s massive cock in the new Hot House prison movie Hard Time.

Image of Angelo licking Alexander Gustavo ass

It’s Alexander’s first taste of prison life: being made to get down on his knees by prison officer Angelo and getting offered his thick, meaty, uncut dick to suck on. Although reluctant at first, he gets the hang of it soon enough. It’s another spectacularly messy blow job from Alexander, who proceeds to coat his captor’s rock-hard shaft with saliva. Once Angelo’s satisfied the youngster has had enough, he gets him bent over on the desk to inspect his butt, pushing his tongue inside to taste his smooth, tight hole and then sucking his pierced dick.

Next Angelo puts him on his back and plunges his cock deep into the boy’s ass, pumping him mercilessly before sitting back on the desk himself and making Alexander squat down on his cock and ride him. After fucking him some more, Angelo’s finally ready to cum, dumping a load of sticky spunk over his prisoner’s ripped abs.

Images of Alexander Gustavo and Angelo in Hard Time

See Alexander Gustavo banged up and fucked stupid

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