Breno Lopez fucks Jay Roberts

Breno Lopez worked for a handful of studios over a period of about five years. This ripped, shaven-headed stud worked for Collin O’Neal, the Hungarian Diamond Pictures and Private. But he’s at his best in the movies he made with German sleazemeisters Cazzo.

Picture of Breno Lopez in Roboter

In Roboter, he’s got Jay Roberts at his feet, worshipping his cast-iron hard-on. In his leather harness and rubber backless shorts, submissive Jay makes the perfect sex slave. He lovingly works his mouth around Breno’s big cock then gets up onto a piece of scaffolding so Lopez can eat his butt.

Once his hole is properly loosened up, Breno bends him over and shafts him from behind, grabbing him by his harness as he thrusts his dick into the grateful sub.

Pictures of Breno Lopez fucking Jay Roberts in Roboter

Watch Breno Lopez in action at Cazzo

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