Bearded 6’2 hunk gets his rosebud fisted

Drew Sebastian is 6’2″ of hot, hairy, masculine stud. With his muscular torso and nicely shaped butt, he already cuts an impressive figure. What rounds it off for me is his sexy, deep voice as he talks fisting top Max Cameron through this scene from Fist Fuckers.

Picture of Max Cameron fisting Drew Sebastian

Tattooed Max’s pierced cock stands rigidly to attention throughout this raunchy ass-play scene from Club Inferno Dungeon. Drew starts off on all fours on a platform, egging Max on as he smears a huge rubber depth charge of a dildo with lube and eases it in and out of the sleazy daddy’s greased-up hole. “Fuck, yeah. I can’t wait,” enthuses Cameron. But neither of these two studs looks like he’s in any great rush. Max takes his time as he works Drew’s hole with the huge slab of latex, loosening it up in preparation for his fist.

Next Sebastian gets on his back and holds his legs apart so Max can slide his hand deep into his butt hole. He works Drew’s hole with both hands, pumping his fist in and out until he has him groaning like an animal. Drew pushes out his rosebud, to his buddy’s obvious approval. Then, getting Drew onto all fours again, Max fists him while he strokes his perfect-looking dick, finally shooting his cum out onto the bottom’s black leather boot.

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Pictures of Max Cameron fisting Drew Sebastian

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