Army recruit’s naked physical exam

“Fat bastard!” spits CMNM’s drill sergeant at his newest recruit before putting the young private through a humiliating physical examination and fitness test.

Private Joel Towne gets his butt examined

CMNM’s military academy enforces rigid standards of discipline, even if some of its methods are on the unorthodox side: previous webisodes have seen recruits taught to masturbate regularly and get finger-fucked because apparently: “it’s essential to know the depth of every soldier’s anal cavity”. This time, Private Joel Towne’s in trouble for falling behind in the academy’s fitness program. His punishment is to be stripped, examined and put through an exhausting exercise regime before finally being forced to squat down on the face of one of his fellow soldiers.

Privates on parade at the CMNM military academy

See young guys get stripped and humiliated

An army recruit is put through a humiliating physical examination

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