Harnessed sex slave fucked stupid

German porn powerhouse Cazzo is still the European leader for sleaze. And this scene from Meat Factory is a perfect example of just the kind of debauchery that put them on the map in the first place.

Malik fucks Dimax

Swarthy, lightly haired Malik is keeping smooth bottom boy Dimax captive as his sex slave, his tight butt always at the ready in case his master feels the urge to blow his load.

Malik is kitted out in a leather biker jacket and what look like neoprene pants for the start of this movie, as he fucks Dimax’s face through a hole in the wall. Dimax ends up sitting on Malik’s rock-hard dick, going nuts as he fucks himself stupid on the muscle stud’s cock. In all the excitement he even pisses himself as he takes it in the butt – before Malik pulls his dick out and shoots hot come all over his face.

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Malik and Dimax in Meat Factory

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