Race Cooper takes Leo Forte’s fist

Titan’s latest sleazefest gets off to a promising start with two of my favourite porn studs getting down to a hot, nasty fist and piss session in rubber.

Race Cooper fisted

Race Cooper made a great fisting bottom when he took Felix Barca’s hand last year for Fetish Force. In Loud and Nasty he makes his long-awaited return to handball bottoming, with a dose of hot piss thrown in for good measure.

Race and muscled top Leo Forte are all over each other at the start of this scene and Leo looks like he just wants gobble up Cooper’s pouting hole when he gets him in the sling and starts pushing his tongue inside. Once his ankles are secured to the chains, Race starts fingering his greased-up sphincter – like he can’t keep is hands off it as Leo lubes up his gloves and the anticipation grows. Forte takes it nice and gentle as he slides his fingers in one at a time, until eventually he’s worked Race up to a full fist. Coop’s hot hole just seems to devour Forte’s slimy hands while the black stud roars like a wild thing as his butt gets pummelled and stretched.

Fisting and piss with Race Cooper and Leo Forte

But even after the fisting’s over, these two pigs aren’t finished with ass play yet. Leo’s got a choice of huge toys ready, first stuffing a big black latex cock into Race’s butt, then following it up with a fat, red, ridged plug. After pausing to take a piss over Cooper’s ass, Forte finally shoves his cock into the hole to give Race a good pounding before pulling out and shooting his cum over the hungry bottom.

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