Paul Wagner and Dan Broughton fuck in construction site office

Handsome Brit Dan Broughton is back on Men at Play for a follow-up to his appearance in December’s On Site. Back On Site sees Dan lose his builder’s overalls and smarten up with a suit and tie when he reports to the construction site office to give his notice. But his sexy American workmate Paul Wagner is sad to see him leave – and he’s got one parting gift for him before he goes.

Image of Paul Wagner fucking Dan Broughton

Paul’s secretly been lusting after Dan since they first laid eyes on each other, and he’s not letting him go without a proper send-off. Very soon Dan is chomping on Paul’s handsome cock and, despite his warning that he can’t despoil his spotless new suit, after just another 10 minutes it’s lying in a crumpled heap alongside Wagner’s construction gear. With the two of them stradling an office chair, Dan gets up and rides Paul’s dick, fucking himself on his colleague’s rigid boner. Finally he shoots a load of cum over Paul’s lightly haired stomach and climbs off so Wagner can add a good few spurts of his own.

There’s some nice chemistry between Broughton and Wagner in this scene. And for me, the clincher is seeing a cheeky grin pass fleetingly across Dan’s face as he watches Paul blow his load.

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Images of Paul Wagner and Dan Broughton in Back on Site

Paul Wagner fucks Dan Broughton: free preview video

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