Big-dicked Latino rubber pig gets fucked stupid

I’m guessing there’s no shortage of empty, derelict, porn-friendly industrial buildings around Berlin. Peeling paintwork and collapsing plaster have formed the backdrop for many a scene from Cazzo‘s extensive back catalogue. This new one starts with hooded Latin fucker Bruno Cane – nicely rubbered-up in a red, crotchless, bare-assed, latex wrestler suit – stroking his fat, juicy dick.

Picture of Bruno Cane sucking Luca di Neppe's cock

A little later and the latex hood has come off so he can get to work with hunky rubber stud Luca di Neppe. Judging by the way he’s sucking for dear life on Luca’s butt hole, I’d say Bruno’s a hungry boy. And once he’s finished gorging on his master’s dick and eating out his ass, he bends over and braces himself against the wall to take his cock. There are a couple of novel positions here, as Cane gets onto his back and thrusts his ass in the air so Luca can stand over him and dip his cock in and out of the Latino’s waiting hole. After getting fucked from several different angles, Bruno gets a massive dildo shoved deep inside him to help loosen up his sloppy man-hole.

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Pictures of Bruno Cane and Luca di Neppe in rubber gear

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