Spencer Reed gets stuck into Randall O’Reilly

Spencer Reed looks like he’s thoroughly enjoying young Randall O’Reilly’s tight ass. The towering hunk has O’Reilly on his back, finger-fucking him with first one then three digits – before wrecking his hole with an armory of butt toys.

Randall O'Reilly in Hole Busters vol. 5

Reed’s got O’Reilly moaning like an animal as he relentlessly stretches his wet, lubed-up hole. And once he’s got it open wide enough, he greases up a big flesh-coloured truncheon and pushes it in almost all the way to the handle.

Spencer Reed and Randall O'Reilly in Hole Busters vol. 5

“Let’s play a little game and see how many balls we can take,” he suggests gleefully as he brandishes a massive string of rubber balls on a thong. But the real challenge comes when Randall has to take both toys in his butt at the same time. And even after that, Reed’s not finished, pumping up a big inflatable dildo and ramming it into the boy’s open hole.

Watch the full unedited video

Hole Busters vol. 5: Randall O'Reilly gets his hole stretched

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