Video: Bailey blows his load

Let’s be honest: most of us wanted to jump Bailey Morgan when he made his first appearance on Men at Play in February. He’s got a drop-dead handsome face, a perfect body and the kind of cock I could work on all night. And he’s straight, which somehow just adds to the appeal.

Bailey Morgan returns to Men at Play

And now Bailey’s back. This time he starts off in a smart navy blue suit and tie, before slowly, teasingly peeling it all off and showing off that sculpted body and perfect cock. And I guess this is where high definition comes into its own: through MAP’s drool-inducing close-ups we get to see every vein in that edible-looking slab of meat leap out at us like 3D.

Bailey is one man who’s clearly totally at home with his own body – and it’s hard to blame him – but for a straight guy he’s awfully good at self-love. When he runs his hands over his muscled torso and strokes his palm up and down on his rigid joint, it’s pretty clear he’s capable of getting off on his own physique, whatever his orientation.

Bailey Morgan works his cock

Make sure you check out the free clip. What gets me on this one is the wet sound of Bailey’s hand running across his oiled-up dick – which somehow hits just the right spot!

Jerk off with Bailey Morgan

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