Leather pig fucked with fire extinguisher

If you’re squeamish, might be best if you look away now. In this scene from Falcon’s The Other Side of Aspen IV, three hot leather pigs abuse each other’s holes with everything from fists and dildos to apples and even a fire extinguisher. Their eye-watering anal adventure culminates  in one of them taking his buddy’s arm right to the elbow.

Picture of a guy getting fucked with a fire extinguisher in The Other Side of Aspen IV

Bryce Colby and John Ferage are the two adventurous bottoms in this scene from Falcon’s blockbuster series. Blond leather hunk Andrew Cole feeds their asses with thick black dildos – and fists the pair of them at the same time before turning his attention to each sloppy hole in turn. Colby looks like he’s bagged the prize for greediest butt slut when his ass swallows up an apple and then a big red fire extinguisher! But, not to be outdone, Ferage manages to take three hands in his gaping hole all at once before Cole encases his fist in a thick black rubber gauntlet and drives it all the way in, John’s talented butt sucking it up to the elbow.

Pictures of John Ferage, Andrew Cole and Bryce Colby in The Other Side of Aspen IV

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