Ledermeister takes control

I’m a huge fan of vintage porn. From Roger Earl’s ultra-nasty Born to Raise Hell to Joe Gage’s Toolbox Trilogy, there’s something about early experiments with gay sex on celluloid that has a special spark you’ll only ever find in pre-80s porn.

Ledermeister aka Paul Garrior

It’s too bad this scene from the COLT Vault collection isn’t dated. It stars COLT’s original muscle bear Ledermeister (aka Paul Garrior), here looking smooth with a shaved chest, and I’m guessing it’s late 60s or early 70s.

The scene starts with two younger guys – one in US navy uniform and the other in a leather jacket and jeans – getting down to hot sex on the couch. But in walks muscle-bound leather daddy Ledermeister in high boots and a Muir cap – and puts his two new boys to work. Snorting from a vial of poppers, he has one of them suck on his nipples while the other works his dick. It’s a hot scene, which ends with the three studs stripping off and getting down to a raunchy threesome on the floor.

Maybe it’s the blend of US navy and biker outfits with silent photography, but somehow it reminds me of Kenneth Anger movies like Fireworks – and Scorpio Rising, the great granddaddy of gay leather culture.

Watch the free trailer for this pre-condom leather threesome

Ledermeister's hot threesome

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