Cory Jay punches Tibor’s sloppy hole

Tibor Wolfe is so hardcore he’s just been through the whole of baseball practice with a huge butt plug discreetly stuffed inside his ass. Now he’s about to hit the showers – and just as he’s bending over Cory Jay walks in… and his secret’s out.

Cory Jay examines Tibor Wolfe's hole

Cory helps him work the huge glass plug inside his cavernous hole, gently easing it out just a little before pushing it back in. When he finally takes it out altogether we can see it’s actually a massive glass orb – almost the size of a hand.

So next Cory lubes up his black latex gloves and slides his fist in there. It slips in with ease and in no time at all Wolfe’s hole is loose and sloppy with gunge. Jay keeps working it until he can punch Tibor’s butt with no resistance at all and the whole thing’s just a mess of slack ass lips, lube and ass juice.

Watch this filthy sports kit fisting session

Cory Jay fists Tibor Wolfe

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