Ben Brown fucked in leather

It’s too bad Ben Brown has packed in his porn career. He’s looking awesome in leather jeans and a harness in this scene from Alley Cats, where he gets down to some hot, piggy action with mohawked Kieron Ryan.

Ben Brown sucks cock

It all kicks off with Ryan on his knees sniffing around Brown’s crotch. As he works his lips up and down on Ben’s big fat shaft, it starts to get gradually harder. Nasty Kieron chews on Brown’s foreskin before plunging his meat back in his mouth.

Next it’s Brown’s turn to suck dick. He bobs up and down on Ryan’s cock, taking it almost to the root before hungrily sucking on his balls.

Ben Brown and Kieron Ryan in Alley Cats

After feasting on Ben’s hairy ass, shoving his pierced tongue inside and deep kissing his hole, Ryan stuffs his dick in there and proceeds to give Brown a thorough pounding, grabbing him by his harness and thrusting into him.

Watch Ben Brown taking it in the ass

Kieron Ryan fucks Ben Brown

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