Baseball player rides his bat

“Fuck yeaaah!” roars Jake Perry as Latin top Jimmy Durano drives a baseball bat into his gaping hole. It’s after practice, there’s no one about – and it looks like these two hot sports gear fetish studs have got the locker room all to themselves.

Jake Perry cums with a baseball bat in his ass

It’s the second scene from new Hot House sports kit fetish fuck flick Foul Play, and Jimmy Durano and Jake Perry are changing after baseball practice. They’re just about to hit the showers when a whole armful of huge flesh-coloured dildos topple out of Jake’s locker, bouncing all over the floor. Inquisitive Jimmy wants to know what they’re for, so Jake gets onto his back on the bench and puts his legs in the air to show him how it works. Jimmy’s a fast learner and in no time at all he’s screwing an extra large latex cock into Jake’s sloppy hole.

Switching to a baseball bat is Jimmy’s idea – but it doesn’t look like Jake’s complaining. In seconds, he’s straight down on his knees with his butt sticking out so Jimmy can slide the bat, now slathered with gloopy lube, right up into his ass. As he rams it in and out, getting Jake’s slack hole looser with every stroke, it starts to look like the two of them just can’t hold out any longer. Finally, Jake cranks a load out just before Jimmy’s spurts all over the bat.

Watch these two sports kit hunks in action

Ass play with Jimmy Durano and Jake Perry from Foul Play

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Jimmy Durano in Foul Play

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