Pumping pig plays in rubber

All alone in a dimly lit basement, sleazy rubber pig Antonio Biaggi sits on a stool with his legs wide open, his enormous cock encased in a vacuum cylinder.

Antonio Biaggi's massive dick

The Puerto Rican pig is looking sexy in a black latex vest and chaps, as he gets to work on his already massive manhood, carefully working it with a heavy-duty vacuum pump to make it even bigger. Biaggi’s uncut dick is looking pretty impressive as it swells to fill the acrylic cylinder, with his foreskin sticking to the sides and large round head almost reaching the very top.

Pump pig Antonio Biaggi works his cock

When he finally releases it, Antonio’s cock looks simply huge – you’ll be wondering how the hell this guy ever manages to walk down the street with a hard-on as he strokes the shaft, playing with his nipples as he jerks off, finally shooting a load of hot spunk all over his chest.

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Antonio Biaggi vacuum pumps his dick

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