Biker pigs in four-way cluster fuck

This scene from Raging Stallion’s The Red and the Black just drips with testosterone as four inked muscle pigs come together for a monumental butt-banging foursome in leather.

Ken Braun and Nick Piston

Beefy, bearded Ken Braun is playing with Nick Piston’s fat nipples while Piston seems preoccupied with Braun’s big dick. In the background stands Danny Mann, who lights up a cigar while he watches the others play. He nudges his cock out from under his red jock, allowing both Braun and Piston to lean over and lick his hard veiny shaft.

What comes next is a four-way orgy of cock sucking, spit and ass rimming as the three pigs are joined by Erik Hunter. When the biker pigs pair off, Mann takes Hunter on, fucking his ass over the saddle of a Harley Davidson, while Braun gets stuck into Piston again, putting him on his back and ramming his cock up against his ass.

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Ken Braun, Nick Piston, Erik Hunter and Danny Mann stage a leather foursome

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