Hot new gear at Fort Troff

Fort Troff have given their website a makeover since my last post about these kingpins of kink. They’ve always won kudos for their scorching photoshoots – full of ripped, sexy fuckers doing sleazy, filthy things to each other. This one finds inventive use for a box of spare gasmasks.

A model poses in a jock for Fort Troff

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New year and fucking machine at Fort Troff

I’ve blogged about fucking machines before, and now I’m seriously considering biting the bullet and getting one. But I’ve heard mixed things. A mate of mine tried one and said it was all a bit predictable – thrust, thrust, thrust – while a two guys I used to know rigged one up themselves out of machine parts, and they claimed there was nothing better. Here’s FT’s flagship fuck machine. Looks pretty good to me.

Fort Troff's fucking machine in action

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