Trent Bloom gets his ass wrecked

I’m slightly in awe of Trent Bloom’s amazing hole. At the beginning of this video from Fisting Central he sticks his own hand inside as if it’s the easiest thing in the world, while hunky Erik Rhodes obligingly holds his ass cheeks open, giving Bloom easier access to fist his own butt.

Eric Rhodes fists Trent Bloom

Rhodes helps open him up with his fingers, then sticks his tongue into the pig bottom’s swollen butt hole. If you’re rosebud-shy look away now – because Rhodes is clearly making the most of Bloom’s pouting red mess of an ass as he runs his tongue round its exposed interior and starts kneading it between his fingers like a lump of dough.

When Eric pushes his fist inside, needless to say, it goes in with no resistance at all and Trent’s greedy ass just seems to suck his hand up as he starts punching in and out. When Rhodes gets Bloom on his back with his legs bent over and his ass in the air, the insatiable bottom’s slack butt just seems to open up all the more, allowing Eric to get his arm in even deeper.

Watch Trent Bloom take a fist

Trent Bloom gets fisted

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