Kane O’Farrell puts Lobo Bayard through his paces

Kane O’Farrell’s a nasty piece of work. It’s been at least a couple of years since I last saw this handsome stud, who used to be a regular face in British porn before crossing the Atalantic to work for Colt and Falcon. But recently he’s made a welcome return with a couple of scenes for German studio Cazzo.

Image of Kane O'Farrell in gear

I’m not sure why bearded Lobo Bayard has chosen to take a leak all over a chair, but he’s storing up trouble for himself when he’s caught by masked dominator O’Farrell. With his black balaclava, leather jock and protective pads, O’Farrell looks like the power top of your nightmares. Deciding that Lobo’s going to have to make amends, Kane forces him to sit in the piss-soaked chair and suck his cock. Turning him round, O’Farrell tongues his hole before shoving his hard dick into him and pounding his ass.

Kane has Lobo wincing with discomfort when he rams a fat, ridged dildo into his butt, finally finishing him off by forcing him to squat down onto a huge black cone.

Watch the free trailer at Cazzo Club

Images of Kane O'Farrell dominating Lobo Bayard

See Kane and Lobo in action

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