Cazzo pig gets a piss shower

Lobo Bayard looks like he’s gagging to be used. This tall, hairy fuck pig just loves guzzling piss and in this scene from German filth factory Cazzo, he’s on his knees in a second, ready to get hosed down by Geoffrey Paine before he gets onto his back to take the bearded top’s meaty fist in his butt.

Picture of Lobo Bayard drinking piss

Geoffrey Paine looks like he can’t resist Bayard’s juicy ass as he poses on a raised platform. But he’s prepared to wait – first he has the submissive stud down on the floor to suck his cock, greedily working his mouth around the fat head, before he leans back and waits for Geoffrey to wash him down. He gets a steady stream of hot yellow piss all over his face, his chest and in his mouth, which seems to go on and on until Paine is finally spent.

Geoffrey Paine and Lobo Bayard

Lucky Lobo gets his ass fucked too before Paine gets to work on him with a series of big dildos. But that’s nothing: before they’re through, Geoffrey’s lubed up his hand and stuffed it deep into the bottom’s sloppy hole, fisting him hard until Lobo shoots his load.

Watch Lobo Bayard get pissed on and fisted

Pictures of Geoffrey Paine and Lobo Bayard

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