NakedSword gets an upgrade

This month saw the launch of a new NakedSword, revamped and revitalized with a slick new design and a fresh line of content.

My memory of the old NakedSword is a little vague, it being that long since my last visit. And perhaps that’s evidence enough of how far Sword’s offering was eclipsed – at least for me – by that of partner site AEBN (the two companies merged in 2007, although the sites remain separate). Both offer made-for-DVD titles from a range of studios, broken down into scenes and categorized by theme, studio and model. But while NakedSword remains a favourite gay brand, it’s hard to beat AEBN for choice and flexible purchasing options.

The new NakedSwordNew NakedSword offers HD content and a better choice of formats than before – you can switch between MS Silverlight, Flash and HTML5. There are two main purchasing options – either rent scenes (starting at 99c) or choose from a range of subscription options that give unlimited access.

There’s a good selection of titles from an eclectic range of studios – from COLT, Hot House and Falcon to Raging Stallion and Ray Dragon. I was a little confused, though, by their claim to having “more movies from more gay studios than any other site”. A quick count-up reveals NS has 76 studios on its books – surely a drop in the ocean against AEBN’s massive catalog.

But one of the biggest draws here is NakedSword’s line in home-grown content. Unlike other sites that offer multiple-studio DVD streaming and download, NakedSword does production too. In-house products include porn soap Golden Gate and now its brand new line of NakedSword Originals.

Needless to say, the fetish category is busting with content – with previews clocking in at around two minutes on every title. Check it out for yourselves here.

Take a look at the new NakedSword

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