Anal pigs play with traffic cones

It looks like total ass-whore Trent Bloom has almost met his match – almost. Evan Matthews’ gaping hole can swallow just about anything too, and when the two pigs compete to see whose butt can suck up the largest part of a traffic cone, Matthews comes in a fairly close second.

Evan Matthews in Take the Plunge

There’s no way Trent Bloom is being outdone. On neighbouring platforms, he and Evan Matthews take a traffic cone each, squatting over it and letting it slide right inside their asses. But in the end Evan is forced to admit defeat as Trent’s hole devours his cone almost down to the base. It’s hot watching Matthews getting off on his buddy’s exhibitionist performance, though, as he grins when Bloom comes close to taking the whole thing.

When Evan is on his back with his rosebud on display, he shows he can take it pretty deep too, with Bloom pushing his forearm in almost to the elbow before punch fucking Matthews’ sloppy hole with his clenched fist.

Of course, when it comes to Trent’s turn, there’s no question over who’s the bigger ass pig. I guess it must take quite a bit to stimulate that overindulged hole these days, but Evan still manages to oblige, piston-fucking Bloom’s slack mancunt with his rubbered mitt until he’s got Trent groaning with pleasure.

Watch these two ass-wreckers at work in the Club Inferno Dungeon

Evan Matthews and Trent Bloom fist each other

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  1. joshexxxboy here: want find some one to train my asscunt to go to this level look for me on recon

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