Hung Paco smoulders in Men at Play debut

I’m impressed at how Men at Play manage to keep solo scenes going for 15 to 20 minutes and still keep it hot. These are traditionally the fillers on any porn DVD. But I watched the whole of Paco’s debut video without once skipping forward, as MAP’s all-new Italian stallion slowly works his way up to a satisfyingly raunchy jerk-off.

Image from Paco's Men at Play solo

Paco makes his first appearance in a shiny silver suit, matching tie and purple shirt, relaxing after a hard day at the office in the semi darkness of his luxurious bedroom. I noticed one of the commenters on the MAP site judged this scene too dark, although I have to say I really liked the subtle lighting: plenty bright enough to see every detail and much easier on the eye than the harsh, overlit style that’s often the norm in studio porn movies.

25 year-old Paco unzips to reveal an uncut cock so hard it looks like it’s made from cast iron. As he unbuttons his shirt, we can see a covering of dense chest hair and, as the suit pants come off, a pair of lightly haired balls and a furry ass.

There’s a nice sense of control about this one. No exaggerated shouting and yelling; we just hear Paco’s breathing deepening on the soundtrack as he gets himself more and more turned on.

Tweaking his nipples and playing with his hole (at one point he has four fingers in there), he gradually strips off, continually jerking his rigid boner until he’s ready to shoot.

Images from Paco's solo for Men at Play

Watch Paco undress and jerk off

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