Soccer studs work on their ball skills

It looks like Rod Daily and Connor Maguire didn’t make it to practice today. The two ripped soccer hunks are still in the locker room in their spotless kit, far more interested in playing with each other than in kicking a ball around some pitch.

Rod Daily and Connor Maguire in soccer kit

The scene opens with Rod and Connor prodding at each other’s shorts with their feet while they sit on the locker room bench, slowly getting horny as they take turns to sniff at each other’s socks. Very soon the Adidas shorts come down revealing rock-hard erections and they strip down to their jocks. First Connor sucks Rod’s dick, then Rod returns the favour before sitting on his buddy’s face so Maguire can get his tongue inside that sweaty crack.

Rod Daily and Connor Maguire

Daily squats down onto Connor’s hard-on and rides him on the bench – then when he’s finished, he stands Maguire up and fucks him in the ass, finally putting him on his back so he can get a better aim at the young player’s hole. Finally the duo are ready to cum – at which point each shoots a generous load of sticky goo over the other’s football socks before the two of them hit the showers.

Watch Rod and Connor’s sports fuck

Rod Daily and Connor Maguire

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