Alexander Gustavo is sucking dick again

Whenever I see lean, sexy Alexander Gustavo, he’s got his lips locked around some lucky stud’s fat tool. It looks like his speciality is wet, sloppy blow jobs – the kind where he applies buckets of saliva that end up running down his buddy’s shaft and dribbling off his balls.

Image of Alexander Gustavo licking a big cock

This scene’s typical. The latest instalment of Hot House fetish actioner Control Room has Gustavo locked inside a cavernous industrial-looking chamber. Spying a big hard cock poking through a hole in the side of an enormous tank, Alexander gets down on his knees and tucks in.

Watch Alexander Gustavo gorging on cock

We never see who’s being blown here but Gustavo gets stuck into his task with obvious relish. Even by his standards, this is some kind of magnum opus among blow job scenes. The greedy leather sub swallows the eight incher right down to the balls with ease, setting about his meal with some of the loudest, most obscene sucking and slurping noises I can recall hearing.

The final dick is just what he’s been waiting for: a massive fat beast of a thing, ribbed with thick veins.

But one cock is just the start. No sooner has the first anonymous punter shot his load than Alexander is banging on the metal wall, impatient for another dick. He quickly gets his wish, pulling down his rubber jock to stroke his own meat as another massive schlong appears through the glory hole. By the time he’s finished with this one, the set’s awash with gob. But Alex is still game for more. The final dick is just what he’s been waiting for: a massive fat beast of a thing, ribbed with thick veins. Gustavo devours it, taking it all the way into his throat and finally jerking it until it spits out a generous wad of hot spunk.

Images of Alexander Gustavo sucking cock in Control Room

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