Derek Parker drills Seamus O’Reilly’s noisy, sloppy ass

Cute redhead Seamus O’Reilly is looking all sweetness and light in his studio mugshot. Of course, the reality is a different story. Just take a look at what he gets up to in the opening scene of Club Inferno’s Xperts. What a pig.

Image of Derek Parker fucking Seamus O'Reilly with a dildo

At the beginning of the scene, Seamus is bent over a raised platform wearing nothing but a jock and a ball gag, fisting his own ass while Derek Parker looks on. The tattooed hunk steps forward to help out, lubing up a thick black dildo and drilling it into the youngster’s slack hole.

Images of Derek Parker playing with Seamus O'Reilly's ass

O’Reilly’s sloppy butt squelches, gurgles and spews globs of slimy lube, but that fazes neither of them – and very soon he’s on his back to receive a vigorous fisting. Derek pounds the boy’s butt until he’s pushing out his glistening rosebud, at which point the strapping top jerks his dick frantically and finally shoots his load.

Watch Xperts at Club Inferno Dungeon

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