5 hot scenes with Landon Conrad

We’ve been seeing a lot of Landon Conrad lately. The square-jawed 5’9 blond has come a long way since he made his porn debut in 2008, appearing in Falcon’s Str8Men series. The following year he was back, featuring in a string of Falcon releases alonside Chi Chi LaRue’s Playing with Fire 4 for Channel 1. And since then, we’ve seen him in titles by the likes of Hot House, Raging Stallion and Naked Sword. This weekend he makes his sixth appearance on Men at Play, in a sizzling corporate encounter with ripped Russian Dato Foland.

Image of Landon Conrad in Deliver Me to Temptation

Deliver Me to Temptation starts with the sharp-suited Conrad receiving a delivery in his office, courtesy of hunky motorcycle courier Dato. But the city exec turns out to be less interested in its contents than in unwrapping the delivery boy – and before you know it, the pair are sucking cock and fucking all over the desk.

Images of Landon Conrad and Dato Foland in Deliver Me to Temptation

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In interviews, Conrad has mentioned more than once that he identifies as top – so this one’s a rare chance to see him taking it up the butt. And if that’s not enough to get you drooling over this 35 year-old hunk, here are another five of Landon’s steamiest scenes to get you all hot and bothered.

Playing with Fire 4 (2009)

This one’s got all the regular ingredients of a textbook Chi Chi LaRue fuckathon: muscular guys, hot sex and crystal-clear photography that does perfect justice to the raunchy action. Firefighter Landon ends up in a scorching five-man orgy in front of a fire truck with bodybuilder Mitchell Rock, Matthew Rush, Johnny Hazzard and Drew Cutler.

Images of Landon Conrad in Playing with Fire 4

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Inside Job 2 (2013)

This follow-up to Landon’s first appearance on Men at Play casts him as a suspicious boss who’s determined to get to the bottom of an office theft. His investigation leads him to interrogate a sexy but uncooperative Jessy Ares. The inevitable strip search ensues and Conrad finds himself unable to resist clamping his mouth around the growing hard-on he finds in Jessy’s underwear, finally bending his suspect over the desk to fuck his hole.

Images of Landon Conrad and Jessy Ares in Inside Job 2

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My Doctor Sucks (2013)

This time Landon’s a nurse working in a hospital where medical malpractice seems to be the order of the day. On hearing that he’s having trouble urinating, Dr Trenton Ducati decides the best treatment would be some subtle prostate massage. After one finger slips in easily enough, Conrad’s persuaded to try two and then three, before Ducati eventually concludes the best thing he can do to cure his patient is to suck his dick and fuck him in the ass.

Landon Conrad and Trenton Ducati in My Doctor Sucks

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Militia (2013)

Bruno Bonds directed this military gearfest about a band of hunks in a secret base who while away the time by pleasuring their comrades. Landon is paired up with hunky Alex Marte in a testosterone-charged fight for sexual supremacy. As the camo fatigues come off, Conrad rams his cock into the Italian stallion’s butt – before the tables are turned and the dominator becomes the dominated.

Images of Landon Conrad and Alex Marte in Militia

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Hard Time (2014)

Prison officers Landon and Jimmy Durano aren’t above accepting the odd sexual favour from their prisoners. In this scene, Conrad orders horny jailbird Marcus Ruhl to suck his cock through the bars of his cell before Durano joins them, hoicking Ruhl out of solitary for a threesome. The cock-hungry Latino is forced to alternate between gobbling on the two dicks before getting spit-roasted between the corrupt custodians.

Images of Landon Conrad, Marcus Ruhl and Jimmy Durano in Hard Time

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