Race Cooper tops Adam Herst

Race Cooper certainly seems to be making the most of Adam Herst’s ass in this clip from Safeword. The built black stud moans appreciatively as he grinds his cock deep into Adam’s tight butt hole. It’s a nicely controlled piece of ass fucking as he ups the tempo or slows down to vary the reaction of his grateful bottom.

Picture of Race Cooper and Adam Herst in Safeword

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The scene starts with Herst cuffed to a St Andrew’s cross. Cooper approaches, dressed in army pants and a leather muir cap, riding crop in hand, demanding Adam tell him what his safe word is. After the pair swap saliva in a lingering kiss, Race gets to work. Using the crop, he starts laying into Herst’s nipples and paddling the inside of his legs. But it’s no good – he’s not giving in that easily. Alternating between kissing him passionately on the mouth and flicking the riding crop across his sore flesh, he prolongs his torment until at last he’s forced to give up his safe word.

Picture of Race Cooper and Adam Herst in Safeword

Finally broken, Adam’s allowed down from the cross, after which Cooper bends him over and starts working on his ass. He fingers the hole, then pushes his face between Herst’s muscular buttocks, stuffing his tongue deep inside. Finally he pushes his big black cock into the bearded stud’s butt, delivering a sustained pumping that works both men up to the point they’re ready to blow their loads.

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Picture Race Cooper fucking Adam Herst

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