Best man gets it in the ass

Straight boy Paddy O’Brian’s come a long way since he made his gay porn debut a couple of years ago. His first shoots were solo jerk-off scenes, where the most you’d get to see was Paddy playing with his big dick. Before long he started experimenting with dildos, then after a while he was persuaded to let another guy suck his cock. But these days Paddy’s happy to go all the way and fuck his male co-stars’ brains out. And he looks like he’s enjoying himself too.

Trenton Ducati and Paddy O'Brian

The Big Day marks Paddy’s return to Men at Play after a long stint in the US, and this time he’s paired up with fellow Falcon regular Trenton Ducati. Trenton can’t believe his luck when bridegroom O’Brian is ready to drop his smart morning dress pants on the day of his wedding, and stuff his throbbing meat into his buddy’s tight hole.

Even if we’re used to seeing Paddy get it on with other guys by now, it’s still hot to think he’s straight, when you see him kissing another guy full on the mouth, sliding his fingers into his ass and finally plunging his rock-hard dick into that waiting hole.

Watch Paddy O’Brian in action

Trenton Ducati and Paddy O'Brian in The Big Day

Watch the full unedited movie

Paddy O'Brian fucks Trenton Ducati

Paddy O’Brian fucks Trenton Ducati

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