NYE tux fuck for Ben Brown

There are a lot of imitators out there, but Men at Play still does suit sex better than anyone. And this video – titled Tux Glory – adds a fresh twist to the classic MAP recipe.

Will Brown watches Ben Brown playing with his cock

It’s New Year’s Eve – or rather the wee hours of New Year’s Day – and Ben Brown’s put away enough booze to sink a battleship. But he’s not finished celebrating yet. Still dressed in his smart tuxedo he stumbles into a London cruising club with just one thing on his mind: he needs to empty his balls.

He shuts himself in a darkened cabin and before long he’s getting down to some sleazy anonymous glory hole action with sexy stranger Will Helm, who’s waiting in the cubicle next door. For starters Ben pours beer over his swollen cock, which Will hungrily slurps from his dripping foreskin. And it gets better as Brown swigs a mouthful from the can and then spits it through the hole in the wall right into Helm’s waiting mouth.

Will rims his hairy ass and even fucks him through the glory hole before finally coming round to join him in the cabin. Once they’re both stripped naked, the action just gets harder and dirtier as they lick beer off each other’s bodies and Helm fucks Ben good and hard in the ass.

Watch Ben Brown get fucked in a tuxedo

Will Helm and Ben Brown in Tux Glory

Watch Ben Brown get fucked in a tuxedo

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