Mohawked pig gets fucked in rubber

Ethan Ayers is definitely vying for top billing in my list of current favourite porn stars. This sexy, rough-looking, mohawked, tattood pig looks great in a rubber one-piece in this scene from Power Play – and he certainly doesn’t hold back, wallowing in piss, gorging on cock and taking it in the ass with obvious relish.

Picture of Ethan Ayers getting his ass eaten

Ayers gobbles hungrily on Rogue Status’ fat dick as it pokes through the bearded stud’s black rubber jock. After thrusting his cock in and out of Ethan’s eager mouth, Rogue lets loose with a stream of hot piss, letting it run over his buddy’s rubber-clad chest, his face and into his hair. Next Status gets to feast on Ethan’s tool, taking it all the way in and gagging on it before he gets stuck into eating his butt hole.

Pictures of Ethan Ayers and Rogue Status in Power Play

Ethan Ayers drinks piss and gets fucked

Now it’s time for Ayers to get fucked. Bending over the couch, he lets Status plunge his cock deep into his ass, as he moans appreciatively. Flipping him over onto his back, Rogue pummels his hole even harder. Once he’s pulled out, Ethan pisses over himself, letting it run over his chest and into his mouth. Status adds a generous stream of his own hot piss, helping to get him properly drenched. When they’re both empty, Ayers works his cock until he’s ready to cum, shooting a thick wad of spunk over his chest.

Pictures of Ethan Ayers and Rogue Status in Power Play

Watch Ethan Ayers and Rogue Status in action

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