Simon Cox flogged by Chris Ward

Raging Stallion boss Chris Ward made an appearance in his own Punishment Chamber – his last movie as a performer – getting down to a hot S/M routine with Simon Cox.

Raging Stallion's Punishment Chamber

In this scene, playing at Fetish Force, Cox braces himself against a St Andrew’s cross as Ward dusts his ass with a heavy leather flogger. It gradually gets more intense, with Ward flogging Cox’s flesh until it’s sore.

But the tables are turned and Cox has his chance to get even when he hangs an iron cauldron from Ward’s cock and balls, pissing into it to make it heavier. One at a time, the other guys in the room come forward to take their turn and add more piss to the pot, until it’s straining on Ward’s dick.

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Flogging, orgies and cock and ball torture with Chris Ward and Simon Cox

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