Remy Delaine gets it in the ass from Latin stud D.O.

Super-ripped, big-dicked Argentinean D.O. first came onto our radar in the Black Scorpion movies. Since then he’s become a favourite in the Raging Stallion stable, appearing in titles like Night Maneuvers, Giants and Don’t Ask Just Fuck.

DO fucks Remy Delaine

In this scene from Animus he’s standing naked, being serviced by leather stud Remy Delaine. Remy’s on his knees, slurping contentedly on D.O.’s mammoth prick. My favourite moment comes when D.O. clasps his head and starts vigorously thrusting into his mouth.

Remy Delaine sucks DO's cock

Before long the roles are reversed and it’s D.O. who’s kneeling on the ground, stuffing Delaine’s cock into his mouth. It turns out he gives as good as he gets, and he sucks hungrily on the stiff dick, taking it almost to the root. And when he’s finished puffing on Remy’s joint, he gets him bent over and fucks him in the ass. Remy rocks back and forth on D.O.’s cock, gently upping the ante until D.O. starts frantically pumping it into him.

Watch D.O. shafting Remy

DO and Remy Delaine

Watch D.O. shafting Remy

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